Nov 2020

Choosing a Visitor Management System For Your Office

As companies rethink their internal processes for managing their workspace, Visitor Management System (VMS) is rising to the top as a priority. Given the many options in terms of VMS’s in the marketplace, selecting one can be confusing.  

So let’s see how we can help narrow down the choices:

Deciding between a Cloud-based and an On-Prem Solution 

Companies today increasingly prefer Cloud-based VMS solutions instead of On-Prem solutions.  Cloud-based solutions are easy to get started with, do not require any significant investment – relative to On-Prem solutions, and are a lot easier to maintain.  A Cloud solution also allows a company to switch services far more efficiently when compared to On-Prem solutions.

Ability to customize the VMS 

While the VMS process is more or less the same in most organizations, companies still need to customize the application to their unique needs without paying for these customizations in any significant manner.  So the ability of a VMS to offer these customizations at no additional cost is undoubtedly a big plus.

Contactless Experience 

With no-touch experience being the norm at most places, a VMS should offer a company the option of being able to deploy a Contactless VMS on its premises.  VMS’s address this need in two different ways: 1) Visitors scan a QR Code on a VMS Kiosk to register themselves, or 2) Visitors scan their Face on a VMS Kiosk to register themselves.  In our view, while both of these options work effectively, Face Recognition is far more secure since QR codes are transferrable and can be used by anyone.

Ability to Pre-Register Visitors 

While this feature has become more and more standard and is available in most VMS’s, what it means for Visitors can vary.  A value-added feature is when Visitors who are Pre-registered are also able to Web Check-in / Pre-Check so that when they visit the Company premises, they don’t have to do anything except doing a Face Scan on the VMS Kiosk.  This is similar to booking a flight ticket and then doing an online check-in so that your experience at the airport is smooth and hassle-free.

Simple and Integrated Security Dashboard 

A good VMS should have a simple, easy to use Security panel for your Front Office staff to manage the flow of Visitors. Your Front Office staff need a system to:

  1. View and verify a Visitors details
  2. Consider any notes from the Host Employee regarding visits
  3. Be able to view Visitor traffic details, know at any point the Visitors who are in the premise and who they have gone to meet
  4. Be able to track visitors who have overstayed their scheduled time of Visit
  5. Be able to view the list of Pre-Registered Visitors
  6. Capture Temperature, Visitors’ assets, and other details if required.

Control over your VMS 

One thing you want is to be able to manage the VMS on your own. This includes customizing the VMS, being able to scale it to other locations/offices under one VMS, generate quick insights into your Visitor traffic by Location, and be able to pull detailed reports on-demand.


Like most software at one time, VMS’s used to come with an upfront investment cost and an ongoing maintenance cost.  However, with Cloud solutions, customers have the option of monthly subscription models or a far more efficient Pay-as-you-Go model. A monthly subscription model still means you are paying for software that you won’t use on weekends and holidays. On the other hand, a Pay-as-you-Go model lets you pay per Visitor, and therefore you pay only for when your VMS is in use.  Ideally, the only investment you should have to make for a VMS is on your Tablet Kiosk.  The rest should be on a Pay-per-Visitor basis.  If you are not happy with the VMS, you can switch over to a more ideally suited VMS without any investment loss.

We hope you found this useful.  TereoTech Solutions has been a pioneer in Visitor Management Systems, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have on this topic. Contact Tereotech for installing a visitor management system! Contact here.

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