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The Team at TereoTech seek to innovate and deliver technology based solutions for businesses and organizations that transform how they manage their peripheral security.
Organizations have been on a mission to digitize their core workflow processes and meet ever increasing customer demands. However, many of their non-core functions, especially peripheral security functions such as their Front Desk/Reception, logistics, and asset movement, remain in a different age.

What does Tereo mean? It’s Greek for “Guard” .

With the convergence of technologies such as Cloud, IoT, Facial recognition, Biometrics, Analytics and Visualization, the Team at TereoTech believe the potential for innovation, improving organizational security controls, performance and customer experience is immense.

We are excited in this journey with our Clients, and our strategic partner Lenovo India who supported us in the development of our first solution – Tereo Visitor Experience Management Solution.

We look forward to bringing more such exciting products and solutions that improves the security architecture of our Clients across their organization, delivers value and a richer experience.

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