TereoTime – A Face Recognition based Attendance Solution for a complete contactless experience.

Smart, Simple, Scalable

  • TereoTime is a Cloud-based plug and play application that simplifies the Attendance process by digitizing the Attendance system and making it a Hygiene friendly Application for Employees of any organization.
  • TereoTime can be used by both On-Premise and On-Field Staff. It is One Solution that can make the HR and Admin Teams more efficient and eliminate Time Sheet reconciliation issues.
  • TereoTime can be used across branches, sites, and Office locations seamlessly.

Simply Download – Register Employees – Start Using TereoTime


Deploy TereoTime
It is Easy to Set-up and Simple to Use

  • Simply download and Activate TereoTime Office App on any Android Tablet Device / Smartphone.
  • Register Employees to use TereoTime
  • Set-Up the Tablet Device in a common area of your Office for Employees to Sign-in / Sign-out
  • Activate your Attendance Solution   

Contact us at info@tereotech.com for any assistance with TereoTime.

Key Features and Benefits of TereoTime

Easy to get Started

  • Download and Activate TereoTime Office App on any Android Tablet Device / Smartphone
  • Register your employees and start using!
  • No credit card information required.
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  • TereoTime is a SaaS solution hosted on AWS cloud and deployable across geographies.
  • TereoTime guarantees security and can be customised as per requirements.

Dynamic Dashboards

  • Looking for insights of your Attendance patterns? TereoTime Dynamic Dashboards and Reporting provides HR, Admin and Team Managers with Real-time Attendance information across Locations and Departments.
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Personal TereoTime App

  • Personal TereoTime App for Employees to Remotely Sign-in and Sign-out when on-field or on assignment.
  • Manager’s can view their Team’s Attendance from their personal TereoTime App.

Integrated LMS

  • A Built-in customisable Leave Management System allows employees to use their Tereotime app to apply for leave, and for Managers to approve.
  • HR departments can view all leave activity in real-time.

Dedicated Employee Portal

  • Dedicated Employee Portal for Employees to track their own Attendance and for Manager’s to view Team Attendance status and download reports.