TereoTime – Face Recognition based Attendance Solution


A Cloud-based plug and play Application that simplifies, digitizes and automates the Attendance process in organizations. No More Expensive Biometrics Hardware and Software.

TereoTime is designed to support HR and Admin Teams manage their Attendance process within organizations and reduce time spent on attendance record reconciliation for payroll.

TereoTime integrates the Attendance process of on-premise employees and on-field/assignment staff.

TereoTime can be used by organizations of all sizes, from 5 employees to 500,000, across geographies using a single platform.

Deploy TereoTime now and get started

  • Download TereoTime-Office from Google Play Store on to an Android Tab / Phone.
  • This Tab will Host your TereoTime Attendance App within your Office for your On-Premise Employees to Sign-in / Sign-out.
  • Activate the App in less than 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Employees / Contractors self-register via a secure Link in less than 1 minute".
  • You are All Set Now - Your organization can Start Using TereoTime App 24 X 7 on-premise or on-field / assignments.

Wish to discuss the Solution with one of our Consultants? Contact us at info@tereotech.com

Key Features and Benefits of TereoTime

TereoTime is an easy to use Downloadable App – Download the App on to an Android Tablet Device – Activate the App – Register your Employees / Contractors – Start Using – Credit Card information Not required –
AWS Cloud hosted SaaS solution that can be deployed anywhere around the world. Contact TereoTech if your organization wants to explore customized solutions.
Personal TereoTime App for Employees to Remotely Sign-in and Sign-out when on-field or on assignment. Manager’s can view their Team’s Attendance from their personal TereoTime App.
A Customizable integrated Leave Management System enables employees to apply and Managers to approve Leaves using TereoTime App. Realtime view available for HR and Managers of upcoming Leaves of employees.
Dynamic dashboards and Reporting provide HR, Admin and Team Managers with Real-time Attendance information across Locations and Departments.
Dedicated Employee Portal for Employees to track their own Attendance and for Manager’s to view Team Attendance status and download reports.
Integrate TereoTime Employee Attendance with Access Control systems to control access to your premises and dedicated spaces.