Tereo Contactless VMS - Securing Employees, Visitors and Businesses

Tereo VMS is simple to set up and easy to use for all stakeholders

Pre-Register Visitors with a calendar invite, that has a QR Code

Visitors Check-in & Check-out on Tereo VMS App using their unique QR Code, or with a Face scan

Use Tereo VMS to manage Meeting Rooms, integrate with O365 and do more….

Visitor Registration should be seamless without compromising on Security, or the capture of critical data such as Temperature readings of Visitors

With Tereo VMS reporting and dashboard capabilities, drive analysis and insights about your business. Stay compliant with regulations and best practices

Tereo Contactless VMS

With Face Recognition and QR Code technology, Visitor registration is a breeze. A simple QR code scan or Face scan is all that is needed

Integrate TereoTech’s Meeting Room Module to track, control and manage the use of Meeting Rooms within your premises

Provide every employee with their own Meeting Room Management module integrated with O365 and Gmail

Customize the VMS to meet your needs. Tereo Contactless VMS is designed with inputs from Clients across industries and geographies, and offers customization at multiple levels of the Visitor and Employee experience.

Compare and Select the Tereo VMS that is right for your organization