Nov 2017
Tereo VEM

Companies spend Millions in building their Brands and ensuring that their Brand conveys a message to their Customers, Business Partners, key Stakeholders and to the broader ecosystem.

Yet, when important Visitors arrive at their offices, Visitors go through an outdated process of registering their information that often times does not reflect the Company Brand. This need not be so….

TereoTech’s Visitor Experience Management Solution (Tereo VEM) significantly enhances the Experience of Visitors and ensures they have a positive view of your Company when coming through the doors of your Company.

By digitizing and automating the entire Visitor Management process, Visitors check-in process is reduced to as less as 2 touches of the Tereo Kiosk App – without compromising on your Company’s Visitor Registration Compliance process.

Once your Company’s Visitors have entered their details for a Visit on Tereo VEM, they do not have to reenter that information for subsequent visits, thus saving precious time, speeding up the check-in process and showing them that your Company and your Brand values your important Visitors.

Let Tereo VEM ensure that your Brand Value is not compromised when your Visitors come to your premises.

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