Nov 2017
Tereotech registration process

Companies and organizations invest heavily to secure their companies by digitizing their information and gaining control over the flow of information. Yet, it is surprising to see companies have an almost “open book” approach when it comes to how they handle their Visitor registration process.

In most Receptions / Security offices, Visitors are greeted with an “open book” to enter their information. This open book has names of employees within the company, their departments, Visitors who have come to meet them and other confidential information completely visible to any Visitor – information that could be used by Competitors, people coming to meet with Procurement departments, and other stakeholders within the Company.

A basic audit of a Company may highlight that it may be at risk of being non-compliant with its internal Information Security policies and perhaps even the broader industry.

With TereoTech’s Visitor Experience Management Solution (Tereo VEM) Companies and Organizations can close this Security gap by digitizing and automating the entire Visitor Registration process.

With Tereo VEM, Visitors will not be exposed to any information related to other Visitors or Employees. Tereo VEM will also ensure that Visitors information is not made public and is securely handled by the Company that they are visiting.

Given the increased focus by regulators and government bodies on how Companies and Organizations handle sensitive personal information, Tereo VEM provides a cost effective and comprehensive intelligent Visitor Management System that ensures Businesses are compliant from an Information Security perspective.

Secure your organization with Tereo VEM.

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