Nov 2017
Tereo's visitor authentification system

Most Companies have a need to ensure only authorized and approved visitors enter their premises and interact with their employees. This is to ensure that company information is managed securely and unauthorized visitors do not enter their premises or pose a threat to their employees

Visitor Authentification is also critical in the event companies need to go back into their Visitor records to trace a specific Visitor’s entry and contact them or hand the information to authorities.

However, most companies do not have a robust Visitor Authentification system. Most companies Reception / Security do not verify the details entered by a Visitor. In some cases the information may not be clearly written or captured.

This presents a significant security risk to companies and is open to misuse.

TereoTech’s Visitor Experience Management Solution is a multi-layered Visitor Authentification system that has an in-built 3-Factor Authentification process. Visitors are verified by their email address, their Mobile Number, and by their Government issued ID.

By integrating this 3-Factor Authentification process into TereoTech’s Visitor Experience Management Solution, Tereo VEM ensures that:
Companies have authorized visitors within their premises
Companies capture and retain the details as part of their Visitor Management process
Companies are able to retrieve Visitor Records on-demand any time they need to

Secure your Organization with Tereo VEM.

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