Nov 2017

Visitors of a Company represent the spectrum of its relationships with its ecosystem; from Clients to Business Partners, to Vendors, to prospective Employees, they all help a Company stay successful.

Often times, companies are having parallel conversations with other organizations. One as a Business Partner / Vendor, and one as a prospective Client – without realizing it.

The more an organization is spread across geographies, the more difficult it is for Executives to understand their Employees and their Organizations interactions with the outside world – especially if Visitors information is being captured in paper books / registers. This lack of visibility can result in lost opportunities in terms of new business and partnerships for a Company.

With TereoTech’s Visitor Experience Management Solution (Tereo VEM), Executives are able to generate, collate and analyze their organization’s interaction with specific companies at a local, regional, national or global level. Tereo VEM can capture Visitor information for companies across geographies and serve it up as standard or customized reports on-demand, thus delivering analysis and insights for Executives and assist them in making more effective decisions.

Drive business results with Tereo VEM.

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