Inventory Management Solution

Instantly Digitize and Automate your organization’s Inventory Management process with Tereo Inventory Management Solution
Investment :

Tereo Inventory Management Solution requires No Investment
Simply start with a Risk-Free Pay-as-you-go model.  Inter-Company passes are non-billable.

Tereo Inventory Management Solution helps companies to:
  • Bring control and compliance to the entry and movement of materials from their offices, manufacturing plants, warehouses, or distribution centers.
  • Digitize and manage the inward/outward movement of materials between offices or with suppliers / customers.
  • Digitize and automate the authorization process of Gate Passes. Eliminate hard to understand paper passes.
  • Track returnable materials with automated alerts to authorized individuals.
  • Report and track internal consumption of materials, or damage to materials. Gain tighter control over inventory.
  • Access Real-time and Historical Inventory reports and dashboards to provide management with information on-demand.
  • Customize the solution to meet unique organizational needs

Trial Offer : Avail a Free Demo and Risk-Free Trial offer to see how Tereo Inventory Management solution can benefit your organization

TereoTech’s Inventory Management Solution is hosted on AWS Cloud and is a simple, secure, easy to use, instantly deployable solution for organizations.

Tereo Inventory Management Solution includes:

  • A fully integrated Gate Pass Management system for managing the movement of materials.
  • A dynamic Virtual Control Room to generate detailed Real-Time Material Movement related reports
  • Ability to Integrate with TereoTech’s Visitor Management System to provide your organization with one seamless solution
  • AWS Cloud hosted SaaS solution that enables organizations to scale the Solution on-demand and ensure consistent practices at all locations