Nov 2017
Business relationships

Companies and organizations support their Employees as they build new relationships with Clients, Business Partners and key market stakeholders, many of whom may visit your Office premises for discussions and meetings.

How easy is it for you or your organization to quickly retrace those meetings and ensure continuity of those critical relationships when Employees leave your organization?

Companies lose precious time and costs when Employees leave their organizations and take with them key business relationships. To rebuild those relationships is a difficult process, and without sufficient information the process to rebuild those relationships become much harder.

With TereoTech’s Visitor Experience Manager (Tereo VEM), Companies can now, in an instant, generate a report of all of the Visitors who may have interacted with a departing Employee at their Offices, and put in place a plan to retain those relationships well before an Employee leaves their organizations.

Companies do not have to go through endless paper and Visitor registers to extract all of that information, which can take up a lot of time and effort. Tereo VEM records and stores all Visitor details digitally and is made available to authorized users of a Company on-demand.

Tereo VEM can help you Retain your Business Relationships

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