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Tereo Visitor Management Solution


Face Recogniton based Visitor Registraion

QR Code based Visitor Registration

OTP based Visitor Registration

Tablet Kiosk based Registration


Capture of Visitor's Image during Registration

Digitized capture of Visitor's details

Alert to Employee via SMS and Email for Approval of Visitors Entry

3-Factor Visitor Authentication

Dedicated Security Panel for Security / Reception to Approve and Track Visitor Movement

Digital Record of Each Visitor's Entry for Reporting and Audit purposes

Visitor Pass Printing Option

E-Pass Option (Via SMS)

Capture details of Additional Visitor accompanying Primary Visitor

Delayed or Overstay Visitor Alert to Security

Image Verification by Security

Capture of Asset Details by Security

Quick Color Coded view showing Visitor Traffic for the day

Machine Learning and Automation

Face Recognition Technology to store Visitor's images and recognize them for all future Visits

Silent Notification to Security Feature (Alert from Employee to Security (with notes) to Approve or Decline Walk-in Visitor's Request

Bulk Upload Feature (Send QR Code Invites to Tens and Hundreds of Visitors for an Event in one simple process)

Auto-Registration of Visitors with Appointments (using TereoTech's Meeting Room Module)

Multi-Day Registration (Visitor's/Temp Employees/ Contractors and Vendors Auto-Registered for entry on multipe days)

Repeat Visitor Details pulled up Automatically upon Face or OTP Verification

Customization to Client Needs
Tablet Kiosk Customization

Theme based Welcome Screen on Tablet Kiosk

Integrate NDA documents for Visitors to sign during Registration

Integrate Safety and Security Videos as part of Regsitration (Automation ensures that Video is played only on pre-determined frequency for Repeat Visitors)

Purpose of Visit Field on Visitor Registration Form customized to each Client

List of Departments on Visitor Registration Form customized to each Client

Employee Select Feature - Drop Down List available on Registration Form for Visitors to Select Name of Employee they have come to meet.

Device locked with Mobile Device Management Software

Security Panel Customization

Customized Visitor Passes with Logo and required Fields specific to each Client

VMS Customization

Available on TereoTech's AWS Cloud platform

Available via Hybrid Model (AWS Cloud and Client Server)

Available as an On-Prem Solution

VMS Integration

AD Integration


Integrate Solution with TereoTech's Meeting Room Module?

Integrate Solution with TereoTech's Material Gate Pass Management Module

Outlook Integration (Meeting Room Module)

GMail Integration (Meeting Room Module)

Offline VMS Solution (for locations with no Internet)

Offline Visitor Management System for locations with no Internet

Auto-sync with Online VMS when Device is connected back to the Internet

OTP Verification of Visitor in Offline mode?

Virtual Control Room for Admin Team

Dedicated Virtual Control Room for Company Admin Team to manage VMS

Add List of Users who Visitors can Meet

Customize Purpose of Visit and List of Departments to be displayed on Visitor Registration Form

Create Important Events on Calendars of Employees using TereoTech's Meeting Room Module

Generate customized Reports on a Real-time basis

Manage Meeting Room inventory on Virtual Control Room

Manage Multiple locations and download Visitor data across locations

FR based
QR Code based
OTP based
Desktop based
2-Factor 2-Factor
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Not Applicable Not Applicable
Not Applicable Not Applicable
Not Applicable Not Applicable
Not Applicable Not Applicable
Not Applicable Not Applicable