Is your organization:

A consumer of emerging technologies that improve internal processes securely?

Sensitive to the experience of your Corporate Visitors when they visit your office premises?

Mandated to maintain higher levels of security to protect your Business, Assets and Employees?

If you answered Yes to any or all of the above, then you may need TereoTech’s Face Recognition based Visitor Management System.

Tereo Face Recognition based VMS

With Face Recognition technology, there is no need for OTP verification of a repeat Visitor’s phone to authenticate the Visitor and to pull up Visitor’s records on TereoTech’s Visitor Management System. A simple touch does the magic….

With an easy to use interface, Tereo FR VMS is disarmingly simple and yet secure.

With high levels of customization and features that add significant value to HR, Admin and IT Teams, Tereo FR VMS is your single solution to solve a range of organizational challenges.

Compare and Select the Tereo VMS that is right for your organization