Material Gate Pass Management (MGM) Module

A simple, easy to use Material Gate Pass Management Solution to digitize your Gate Pass Management process.
Bring tighter control and Compliance around the movement of Assets and Materials going in and out of your organization with Tereo’s MGM Module:
Move away from hard to understand and hard to track paper processes

Instantly transition to a Digital Gate Pass Management System with TereoTech’s Solution that has been custom designed to meet the needs of Factories, Warehouses, Distribution Centers, and Offices

TereoTech’s MGM Solution is an AWS Cloud based Solution that is simple, secure, easy to use, instantly deployable and scalable solution for organizations

Tereo MGM Solution includes:

  • Dedicated Modules – Inward Material Gate Pass, Outward Material Gate Pass, Returnable Material Gate Pass, and Non-Returnable Material Gate Pass
  • Use TereoTech’s dynamic Virtual Control Room to generate detailed Real-Time Material Movement related reports
  • Integrate with TereoTech’s Visitor Management System to provide your organization with one seamless solution
  • AWS Cloud hosted SaaS solution that enables organizations to scale the Solution on-demand and ensure consistent practices at all locations