Tereo Meetings Module is designed to enhance the User experience of Outlook Users by providing them the following benefits:

  •  A more effective and user friendly Meeting Room Management solution
  •  A Calendar that is integrated with Tereo Visitor Management System (VMS) thus allowing seamless Visitor Registration for external Visitors when they visit Users for Business Meetings, and
  •  An overall richer Calendar experience

Tereo Meetings enables Companies to access the following benefits:

  •  Effective Meeting Room Management –
  •  List Meeting Rooms on Tereo MRM so that Outlook Users have clear information on the availability of Meeting Rooms for their Meeting times
  •  List Meeting Rooms across Buildings / Floors / Locations
  •  Detail Meeting Room features and capabilities
  •  Users can Filter Meeting Rooms based on their needs
  •  Tereo Calendar Users will be able to see other Users who may have booked Meeting Rooms during their preferred Meeting slots
  •  Send invites to Mobile #’s (presently available only in India, but expected to be rolled out to other markets shortly) as well as email ID’s
  •  Tereo Meetings Completely syncs with the individual Outlook Calendar of Outlook Users
  •   Access Tereo Visitor Management System so that there is one integrated solution that ties in Oulook Calendar and External Visitor’s Registration when they visit Company premises for Business Meetings
  •   External Visitors receive Invites from Tereo Calendar with a Google Map to the respective Meeting Room Facility
  •   External Visitors receive Tereo Calendar invites with a QR Code for quick and easy Visitor registration when arriving for their Business Meeting
  •   Tereo VMS enables organizations to digitize and automate their Visitor Management System
  •   Tereo VMS can be used to manage the flow of Walk-in Visitors as well as Visitors who receive invites from Outlook Users using Tereo MRM
  •    IT/Admin can generate Visitor Reports from Tereo Admin Panel

What is Tereo Meetings?

Tereo Meetings is a more effective Meeting Room Management Solution that provides users with a more comprehensive Calendar experience.  It integrates a Users Calendar experience with Meeting Room Booking and Visitor Management in one single solution.

How does Tereo Meetings work?

Teeo Meetings works as follows:

  •  Tereo Meetings provides Outlook Users with an alternate Calendar and Meeting Room Management System
  •  Tereo Meetings is designed to sync with Outlook Calendar in near real-time so that Users have the most updated Meeting information at all times on their Outlook and Tereo Calendars – whichever they may choose to use
  •  Tereo Meetings provides Admins with an effective tool and portal to manage Meeting Rooms of their respective organizations
  •  Tereo Meetings provides Outlook Users with an effective way to schedule Meetings and to search and book Meeting Rooms for their Meetings
  •  Tereo Meetings allows Users to send invites to Mobile Numbers in addition to Email ID’s
  •  Tereo Meetings eases the load on Outlook Users when inviting external Visitors for meetings.  They do not have to Pre-register External Visitors to enter their Office Premises. Tereo Meetings automatically pre-registers External Visitors onto Tereo Visitor Management System that can be deployed on Tablet Device/s and used at the Reception/Lobby/Security Desks of User Entities
  •  External Visitors receive – along with their Calendar invite from Tereo Users – Google Map location of the Outlook User’s Office as well as a QR Code, which when scanned on Tereo Visitor Management System Kiosk, completes the registration process of the External Visitor
  •  Tereo Meetings sends an email + SMS alert to Hosts to alert them of the arrival of the External Visitor
  •  The Admin’s organization will be automatically registered to use Tereo Visitor Management system along with their subscription to Tereo Meetings
  •  Admin will receive Tereo Visitor Management System’s APK and Admin credentials to Tereo MRM Portal to access, customize and use Tereo Visitor Management System
  •  Tereo Visitor Management System can be placed at the Lobby/Reception of the Admin for Visitors to complete their registration

How do I activate Tereo Meetings for my organization and how do I add Users / Employees to use this Application?

The IT/Admin of Outlook Client should add Tereo Meetings from Appsource to their organization in order for Tereo Meetings to be activated for them.

Once activated, the IT/Admin will receive a Link and Login credentials to their Tereo Meetings Admin Panel.

They can then proceed to Add Meeting Rooms as well as the List of Employees authorized to use Tereo Meetings.

What are the main functionalities?

  •   Use of Tereo Calendar to schedule Meetings
  •   Send Calendar invites to email ID’s as well as Mobile #’s
  •   Auto sync of Tereo Calendar with Outlook and from Outlook to Tereo Calendar
  •   Users can search for past meetings and can generate reports of past Meetings
  •   Auto registration of External Visitors to Tereo Visitor Management System
  •   Portal to Manage access of Users to Tereo MRM and to Manage Meeting Room information

What is Tereo Visitor Management System (VMS)?

Tereo VMS is a Solution that is integrated with Tereo Meetings.  Tereo VMS is the latest in Visitor Management Systems for Enterprises and Businesses.  Tereo VMS provides a comprehensive Visitor Management Solution for organizations to digitize and automate their Visitor Management process.  For more information, please visit https://tereotech.com/qr-code-and-otp-based-visitor-experience-management-system-vems/

How do I activate Tereo VMS for my organization?

If your organization has activated Tereo Meetings from Microsoft’s Appsource, then Tereo VMS is automatically activated for your organization.  You will receive a Link from TereoTech to download the App onto an Android Tablet Device. You will need to sign-in using your admin credentials in order for the App to be activated.  You will also receive credentials to your Tereo VMS Admin and Security Panel Credentials.

The Admin Panel is used to manage your Visitor Management System.   The FAQ section in the Admin Panel provides more information on how to use the Admin Panel.

The Security Panel is used to manage the entry and exit of Visitors.

Is it mandatory for my Company to use Tereo VMS?

No.  The use of Tereo VMS is optional.  You may choose to opt out of using Tereo VMS when activating Tereo Meetings.

How do I get support on Tereo MRM?

You may contact TereoTech Solutions at support@tereotech.com for any assistance you may need.