As organizations reopen their offices, TereoTech is committed to helping Companies maintain a safe and secure environment for their Employees and their Visitors.

Contactless Solutions for a Safer Workplace

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Contactless Visitor Management System

  • Pre-register Visitors with a simple invite from Tereo VMS to Visitors
  • Visitors receive a QR Code with their invite
  • Visitors complete their registration on arrival with a Face Scan, or QR Code Scan on Tereo VMS App at Reception or Security.

Contactless Multi-Tenant Visitor Management System

  • Designed for Commercial Buildings and Business Parks
  • Tenants can Pre-register Visitors with a simple invite from Tereo VMS, which is integrated with the Main Lobby / Gate
  • Visitor registration at the Main Lobby / Gate is Touchless
  • Visitors complete their registration with a Face Scan or QR Code Scan on Tereo VMS App
  • Tenants control Visitors to their Office
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Contactless Face Recognition based Attendance Solution

  • Employees mark their Attendance at the Office with a Face Scan on Tereo App, or using their personal Tereo App

Being a Partner to our Clients

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Extending Validity of Licenses

In light of the Lockdown and our Clients not being able to use our Applications, we have automatically extended the validity of our Existing Customer’s Licenses for our Solutions by 2 months at no additional charge.

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Optional Pay-as-you-Go Model

We understand that our Customers are dealing with a challenging landscape. TereoTech in its small way is supporting our Clients with the option of a Pay-as-you-Go model where Clients do not have to make any upfront investment nor pay for a full year in advance. Customers can choose how much they want to pay for our licenses and renew as and when they need.