Mar 2020

Worried Employees:

As the world comes to terms with Coronavirus and its implications, Companies are having to urgently balance the need of providing Employees with a sanitized environment while keeping their Offices open for Business.

Employees are equally concerned about interacting with Visitors entering their premises, and the risk any interaction with Visitors may pose.  

They want to be reassured that their organization is doing all it can to ensure Visitors are properly screened prior to entering Office premises.

First Line of Defense:

Security and Reception Staff are at the front lines of an organization and play a key role as the first line of defense.  They screen Visitors to confirm their identity, purpose of visit, and grant access to Company premises.

Given the need to adapt quickly to address the challenges, Organizations would do well to support their Security and Reception Teams with the right tools and processes so that they can help ensure a safe and secure environment for Employees, the Business and their Visitors.

Visitor Management Systems (VMS):

Digitized Visitor Management Systems can serve as a key tool in securing Offices.  Companies can use VMS to require Visitors to complete a Self-Declaration Form, where Visitors confirm if:

  • they have symptoms related to Coronavirus
  • if they have been in contact with someone having symptoms of Coronavirus, and/or
  • if they have visited any City/Country affected by Coronavirus in the past 2 weeks

Security personnel could also check and record the temperature of Visitors using Non- Contact Infrared Thermometers and capture it in the Visitor’s Registration Form for recording the detail, and for future reference.

Visitor Logs:

From a Management perspective, in this war against Coronavirus, Visitor
Management Systems can serve as a crucial tool to record and retrace the
movement of individuals who may be affected by the virus, so that timely assistance can be provided to those concerned.
The Singapore Government has been a source of inspiration for TereoTech with its proactive approach and guidance in this regard.

TereoTech Solutions:

TereoTech Solutions is a pioneer in providing Enterprises with
Visitor Management Solutions, and it is our commitment to
proactively help our Customers deal with the Coronavirus
situation as effectively as possible. For more information, you
may contact us at, or download Tereo
on Playstore which offers the preventive measures
detailed in this blog.

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