Nov 2017
Visitor management process

In today’s security conscious world, a visit to any place means going through a security process; and a visit to a Company or Government establishment is no different.

The Visitor Management process in most companies follows a multi-layered security set-up that includes:
• Registering oneself at the main gate of the facility, followed by
• Registering oneself in the lobby of the specific building, followed by
• Registering oneself at the Reception of the Company one is visiting, and sometimes an additional Registration for a department

All this is usually paper-driven with entries being made at different levels. Some Companies, especially IT and BPO companies also require details of Laptops to be captured.



As one can imagine, this can be a frustrating experience for important Visitors who may be carrying 2-3 bags and may be juggling them while making the necessary entries. This can be even more vexing if the Visitors are having to repeat this process if they are on a Business trip and need to visit multiple Companies as a Client or a Business Partner.




From a process perspective, there is very little verification that happens during the Registration process and therefore organizations run the risk of letting undesirable Visitors enter their premises





Furthermore, the process does not reflect well on any Company that is trying to demonstrate that they are a professionally run organization. Visitors could take a dim view and wonder if the Company is oblivious to the first experience their Visitors have to endure.


Security and Compliance


The paper-based “open book” Visitor Management process also leaves a Company’s information exposed to other Visitors, with the potential for its misuse. Data security being on top of mind of Regulators, the current Visitor Management process may mean the process is not compliant with the upgraded policies.




A paper-based Visitor Management system may also mean a Company’s Brand value gets diluted as people may sense a disconnect between a Company’s message and what a Visitor experiences when they come to visit the Company.


Visitor Engagement Insight


For large organizations whose Employees, Departments, Divisions, and Teams (regionally and globally) are constantly interacting with the outside world, there is a wealth of insight to be gained by seeking to understand these interactions. Insights that could be leveraged by Executives to drive business results, to draw synergy, to improve the quality of collaborations, and to connect any parallel conversations that the Buy side and Sell side of their organizations may be having with Companies separately. A paper-based Visitor Management Process does not enable organizations to derive these insights and therefore Companies are unable to benefit from it.

Companies and organizations have done very well to digitize their internal systems and processes, but surprisingly the entrance to their offices has remained much the same since the…..70’s?

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