Nov 2017

Companies have transformed their offices from a paper based environment to a digital environment.

However the Reception/Security of most offices is still paper based, leading to cumbersome, sometimes annoying, and a not very intelligent process for Visitors to endure.

Important Visitor’s to your offices may grin and bear this process as it is feels like an inevitable part of the Visit Experience. But that does not have to be the case.

TereoTech’s Visitor Experience Management Solution (Tereo VEM) can transform the visit of your most important Visitors, be they Clients, Key Business Partners, Prospective employees, and stakeholders.

By digitizing and automating the Visitor Management process, Tereo VEM enables your important Visitors to complete the Visitor Registration process from the comfort of their Offices, or Homes remotely before they arrive at your Office reception. So when they do arrive at your Office, all they have to do is scan a QR Code (sent to Visitors by Tereo VEM) using their Mobile phone / device to confirm their identity to complete their Registration process.

No more filling multiple forms and generating visitor passes with poorly captured photographs.

Tereo VEM upgrades your Visitor’s experience when they visit your offices, and shows that you are a Company that cares for it’s Client’s, Business Partners and key stakeholders.

Upgrade now to Tereo VEM.

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