Tereo VEM Packages

We at TereoTech recognize that the Visitor registration process for companies can be varied depending on the industry, location, visitor profile and information security policies of the company. Tereo VEM is comprehensive and is designed to be fully customizable to specific needs of Clients. Companies can choose any of the following three solutions (or a combination of them) and customize them to their specific needs. TereoTech specialists will work with Client partners to understand the requirements, consult and make recommendations and ensure the onboarding experience is simple, seamless, scalable and sustainable.

Registration: Walk-in Visitors Basic Premium Custom

Tablet Kiosk Based Registration for Walk-in Visitors

Digital Capture of Visitor details

2-Factor Visitor Authentification

ID or Picture or both can be captured

Digital capture of details of others accompanying Primary Visitor

Record Personal visits

Employee Alert when Visitor completes Registration

Repeat Visitors do not have to reenter details

Registration - Pre-registered Visitors Basic Premium Custom

Employees can pre-register Visitors for meetings

Visitors can pre-register for Visits

Visitors can add other attendees to the Visitor registration process

Visitor can upload ID /photo during pre-registration

Employee can approve a Visitor's registration

Employee can cancel an approved meeting

Employee can reschedule an approved meeting

Employee can invite other colleagues for meetings

Employee can block meeting room

Employees and Visitors receive regular notifications throughout the process

Calendar Syncing

Kiosk based registration

QR Code or VRF ID or Mobile based verification system for Pre-registered Visitors

3-Factor authentification system

2 Touch Kiosk Check-in process for pre-registered visitors

Repeat Visitors do not have to reenter details

Digital record of each visit with details of Employee, Visitor, Attendees, Meeting room, date and time of entry and exit

Reception / Security Module Basic Premium Custom

Security Dashboard

Integration with Visitor Pass printing

Asset detail capture by Security

Security Alert in case of Visitor Overstay

Meeting Room Module Basic Premium Custom

Meeting Room Module to manage meeting rooms

Meeting Room Calendar Feature

Meeting Room Details and Locations captured for ease of use by Employees

Branding and Customization Basic Premium Custom

Company Branding

Customization at Admin level

Customize Department names specific to your organization

Customize Purpose of Visits to your organization

Customize Additional Visitors (as of Visitors or require information)

Customization Basic Premium Custom

Customized email and messaging to Visitors

Customize Meeting room information

Customized report generation

Customized domain name

Theme customization

ADS integration

Reporting Basic Premium Custom

Location admin dashboard with real time reporting

Group admin dashboard with real time reporting

Employees have their own dashboards to view and analyze their personal meeting trends and generate reports

Management can generate their reports to analyze Visitor and organizational trends

Report formats in PDF, CSV, Word and Excel

Technology Basic Premium Custom

Cloud based solution

Device secured through Mobile Device Management software

Scalable to as many locations as required

Upgrades as company adds new features

Secure storage of Visitor data accessible only by company authorized users

Hosted on Client's own Cloud

Deep customization capabilities

Application managed and maintained by TereoTech