Digital Record Keeping

Tereo VEM securely maintains a digital record of every Visitor visiting your Company location(s) in the

Visitor Registration Software,

this information is accessible by Company’s authorized users.

3 Factor Authentification

Tereo VEM authenticates every scheduled Visitor using the

Visitor Registration process,

with their Email ID, Mobile Phone, and a Government issued ID. This ensures validation of information provided by Visitors and improves overall Security of your Company.

Visitor Registration Software
Visitor Registration process
Delight Your Visitors

Tereo VEM provides an End to End Visitor Management Experience that significantly reduces the Time of Visitors at your Office Reception. Visitors can conveniently complete their registration process using the

Visitor Registration Software

at the Tereo Kiosk. Visitor Data is stored so that they do not have to re-enter information for subsequent visits.

Delight your employees

Tereo VEM keeps your Employees at the Heart of its Solution. Employees will have their own access to Tereo VEM Page to view their past Visitor engagements. Employees can Email the Tereo Visitor Request Form (VRF) to a Visitor, select a Meeting Room, Add other Attendees, and be able to see all their Visitor Engagements in a Single location.

Delight your Reception / Security Staff

No more maintaining and managing of Paper registers by your Reception / Security Desk. All that your Front Desk staff have to do is:

• Direct Visitors to Tereo Kiosk to use the

Visitor Registration Software

• Verify the Scanned ID matches the Visitor
• Approve Visitor
• No more maintaining and managing of Paper registers

Delight your Admin and Security Staff

Tereo VEM provides your Admin and Security staff control over the Visitor Management process by securely storing Company’s and Visitors information, Validating and Authenticating Visitors, Enforcing Red Alert policies, and better utilizing their Front Desk staff. Unique Admin Dashboards and Reports provides for generating insight over time and helping develop Admin policies and protocols that are in line with Company requirements

Delight your Management

Tereo VEM provides Senior Management with customized Dashboards that provides Strategic Insights about their Company’s interaction with the Business community, which can be harnessed to drive business decisions.

Delight your Brand and Corporate Communications Team

Tereo VEM will enhance your Company’s Brand Value and Image by using the

Visitor Registration process

and delivering to your Office Visitors an Experience that is Modern, Digital and Simple.

Visitor Registration Software