Jan 2018
Tereo VEM

Co-Working communities and Business Centers are changing the very concept of the workspace as they present values and opportunities that traditional workspaces do not afford.


By its very nature, Co-Working communities are bursting with energy due to the constant interaction between people who work in these spaces and their Visitors.


But how well is the Visitor traffic being managed by the care-takers of these Co-Working communities?

  • Is there a Digital Record of all Visitors coming inside a Co-Working space or Business Center in case there is a need to track back information at a later date?
  • Are the Visitors verified/authenticated to ensure the safety and well-being of the occupants?
  • How seamless is the Visitor’s experience?  Do they have to wait in line while the Host is being contacted?  Do they have to go through a paper registration process which is out of sync with the Brand value of the Co-Working space?
  • Visitors are also potential Clients for Co-Working Spaces.  How effectively is the Co-Working and Business Center tapping into this Visitor base to expand their customer reach?

Tereo Visitor Experience Management (VEM) is a custom solution from TereoTech Solutions, designed to provide Co-Working offices and Business Centers a plug-and-play model that enables them to instantly set up an end-to-end Visitor Management System. TereoTech is known as the Best Visitor Management System today, especially when compared to others such as

Visitor Management Kiosk

and Visitor Management Desktop models.


By installing Tereo VEM, Co-Working offices and Business Centers can enhance their Client Experience by giving them access to a simple, easy to use the system to invite Visitors, book Meeting Rooms, and maintain a track record of all Visitors they have hosted.


Tereo VEM provides the Management Team of Co-Working offices and Business Centers with a Digital Record of all Visitors coming into their Facility and it authenticates Visitor’s email ID, Mobile # and Photo ID, thus ensuring a much higher standard of Security for its Clients.


The back-end Visitor information, delivered by Tereo VEM of Co-Working and Business Center organizations, serves as a rich source of potential Clients who may wish to use the Co-Working and Business Center space themselves.  Proactively engaging with these Visitors can help accelerate the adoption of these rich workspace concepts.



Visitor Management Software 

used by TereoTech is a

cloud-based visitor management system

or in other words an

‘automated visitor management system’

 with an exceptional visitor pass management system.


Enhance, Secure and Grow your Co-Working Office / Business Center with Tereo VEM!

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