Digitized Visitor Registration
Upgrade from a Paper-based Visitor Registration process to an end-to- end Digital Visitor Registration process by integrating the

Automated Visitor Management system.

Enable your Visitors to pre-register from the comfort of their Offices/Homes before they visit your Office for planned meetings utilizing the best cloud based

visitor management system.

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Kiosk based Check-in
Ease your Visitor’s Check-in process with a

Visitor pass management system

to just 2 touches of the Kiosk to complete their registration at your Office.

What is Tereo Visitor Experience Management?

Tereo VEM is your fully integrated Digital

Visitor Management System


Visitor pass management system

that simplifies, automates and records the Visitor Management process of your Company.

Visitor pass management system

India’s First Tablet-Based Visitor Management System

How does Tereo VEM Work?

Ensure that your Brand Value is not compromised when your Visitors come to your premises

Cloud Based
Tereo VEM is a Cloud Based

Visitor Management Software

providing Organizations with the ability to access Tereo’s Visitor Management service and extend the service to their Offices globally

Meeting Room Module
Tereo VEM comes complete with your own customizable Meeting Room Module to manage the use of your meeting rooms
Scalable on-demand
Setting up Tereo VEM’s

Visitor Identification System

at any of your Office locations is simple, fast and as easy as using an App on your phone.

With industry standard encryption and security protocols at all levels of the Visitor Management process, your Visitor data is secure and accessible only by authorized users of your Company
Information on-demand
Users of Tereo VEM’s

Visitor Log Monitoring System

will have access to their own unique Tereo Dashboards with reports relevant to their roles, showing trends of Visitors they have had individually or within their organization

Why Tereo VEM?

Digital Record Keeping

Tereo VEM securely maintains a digital record of each Visitor visiting your Company location/s; information that the Company controls at all times.

3 Factor Authentication

Tereo VEM has an integrated 3-Factor authentication system to validate the credentials of Visitors via their email ID, phone, and Government issued ID.

Delight your Management

Tereo VEM provides Senior Management with customized Dashboards that provides Strategic Insights about their Company’s interaction with the Business community, which can be harnessed to drive business decisions.

What can Tereo VEM do for my Company?