Tereo Visitor Management System

Delight your Visitors and your Employees

Transform Your Front Office Experience for Visitors and Employees with Tereo Face Recognition Visitor Management System

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How Tereo VMS helps our Customers:

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Tereo VMS helps Companies by Digitalizing and Automating their visitor management software in indiaProcess:

Easy-to-roll-out Application that can be set-up in less than an hour

It is fully customizable to meet the diverse needs of Companies and Institutions

Comes with the latest in Face Recognition technology to keep your organization secure

User-friendly App for Employees to send invites to Visitors, Book Meeting Rooms

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It is packed with value added features such as:

Web Check-in registration for Visitors

Dedicated Security / Reception panel to manage the flow of Visitors

Admin Dashboard to customize the Application and generate insights and reports

Emergency Alerts

Pre-registration of Visitors for regular meetings and events

Integrated Meeting Room Management Module

Deploy across Offices or manufacturing plants to ensure one consistent process

Deliver seamless Visitor experience across the organization

View Visitor traffic details real-time across Offices

Why Tereo VMS?

  • Cloud based, easy to deploy and scale across offices
  • Pay-as-you-go model…no investment needed
  • Trusted by some of the most well known Brands
  • Personalized support from onboarding to customization and roll-out
  • Providing VMS support to Companies since 2017

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visitor management system app

How Tereo VMS works?

Visitor management system app

App Activation:

Download and Activate Tereo visitor management software in india from Playstore

Simply follow the instructions to customize the VMS specific to your organization, or

Contact us at info@tereotech.com and we’ll have our Consultant set it up for you

visitor management system india

User Experience

Visitor registers on Tereo App at your Front Office

Alert goes to Employee to Approve Visitors Entry

Security / Front Office receives Employee Approval on Tereo Security Portal

After the Visit, when Exiting, Visitor scans Face to check-out from Premises

Admin gets real-time data of Visitor Traffic

visitor management solution

Featured Insights

Face Recognition based Visitor Management Systems can help secure a Company’s Visitor Management process

As Companies around the world reopen Offices, they are revisiting their Visitor Management Process and are exploring options to redesign how they manage the flow of Visitors into their premises.

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Let’s Create

Your Company’s Digital Visitor Management Solution

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