Tereo Meeting Room Booking System

Roll-Out A Smart Meeting Room Booking System designed to Delight your Employees

Tereo meeting room management system is designed to deliver a seamless experience to Employees and Admin Staff in the way Meeting Rooms and Workspaces are used and the meeting room management system

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How Tereo MRM helps our Customers:

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App based Booking for Employees

Employees have access to their own personal Tereo MRM App to meeting room booking system

When using a Meeting Room, Employees can use the App to scan a QR code and confirm meeting room booking system in Use

Employees can filter Meeting Rooms when Booking, and can view Images / Videos of Meeting Rooms

Employees can use the meeting room management software to send invites to External Visitors, who can be auto-registered on Stereo Meeting room management system

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Dedicated Admin Portal for Meeting Room Management

Admin Teams can Add / Remove Meeting Rooms available for Employees to Book

Admin Teams can customize Meeting Room facilities, Images and Videos

Generate Meeting Room usage Reports and Insights to better manage the inventory

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Integrated with other Tereo meeting room management software

Companies can activate other Tereo meeting room management software as and when required such as:

Why Tereo MRM?

Tereo MRM is simple to use and checks all the boxes when it comes to Employee Experience

  • Book Meeting Rooms on-the-go
  • Add Meetings to Outlook or GMail calendars
  • View Meeting Room images / Videos prior to Booking
  • View only Meeting Rooms that are available for the desired time – avoid conflicts

Tereo MRM is easy to manage and customize

Tereo MRM is cloud based and scalable. Roll it across Offices in less than a few hours

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meeting room booking system

How Does Tereo MRM Work?

Meeting Room Management

There are only two parts to rolling out and using Tereo MRM

Admin uses the Tereo Admin Portal to manage Meeting Room inventory, and to generate Usage Reports

Employees use Tereo App to book Meeting Rooms

Employees can scan QR code in Meeting Rooms to check availability and book Meeting Rooms instantly on the go.

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