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Power-up your Sales with Tereo Digital Business Cards

Give your Employees the Power of Tereo Digital Business Cards. Leave an impression with your sales Prospects, and get CRM data for your marketing activities.

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How Tereo Digital Business Card helps Companies:

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TereoTech helps Companies to transition from Paper to Digital Business Cards

No more maintaining inventory of Paper Cards for Employees

Ensure Brand Compliance across the organization

Business Cards can be interactive with links to Social Media channels and Websites

Employees can personalize their Cards including Picture profiles, mobile #’s etc

Reduces Costs by more than 50% for Companies

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Access to Card-Connect data and Card Performance Metrics

Companies can access real-time data of Employees Business Card Connects

Employees can capture important Comments when sharing Digital Business Cards.

Comments will be available to Employee, Manager, and Marketing for reference

Card-Connect data can be used for Marketing and other CRM related activities

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Improves Company’s Brand Value and Visibility

Tereo Digital Business Cards helps a Company with a Contactless / Touchless Solution for their Sales and Business Development Representatives

Customers welcome a Contactless / Touchless experience

Customizable Solution with options to add multiple interactive links for Card Recipients

Why Tereo Digital Business Cards?

Cloud-based App Solution that can be Tested and Deployed within the organization in less than a Day

Company can control the Brand Experience, and scale on-demand

Employees can personalize the Digital Business Card

Managers can get real-time views of their Team Members Digital Business Card activity

Company can receive valuable Sales data to help with their Sales & Marketing activities

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How Does Tereo Digital Business Cards Work?

Meeting Room Management

Tereo Digital Business Card Account Set-up App is available on Playstore

Company Admin can Download and Activate the App

App’s Panel enables Admin the Customize the Digital Business Card and Add Employees

Web based Admin portal is available for detailed reports on Card sharing activity

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Employee App for Employees to Access Digital Business Card

Once the Admin has added Employees / Sent them a Link, Employees can download and activate Tereo Digital Business Card App from Playstore or App Store

Employees can customize the Card

Employees can share their Company Branded Card on-demand, and capture Comments for their Marketing Teams

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What are the Benefits of a Digital Business Card?

Exchanging of Business Cards with Business contacts has been one of those human interactions that was second nature when attending Business meetings. However, there are drawbacks to these, such as the need to keep the Cards till all the data was moved to a database, the difficulty associated in sharing the Card with others (one would need to take copies or pictures), and the cost associated with them.

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