Tereo Inventory and Gate Pass Management System

Get Control over your Inventory and Gate Pass Management Process

Replace Excel and Paper based Process with Tereo Inventory and Gate Pass Management System

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How Tereo IMS helps our Customers:

Digitalizes and automates the movement of materials and inventory

Tereo IMS helps companies to digitalize their excel and paper based Inventory and Gate Pass processes

It is a cloud-based solution that can be rolled out across Offices / Plants within a few days

Set-up One-System that can operate across your Offices / Plants

Compliance and Best practices

It helps ensure compliance and can be audited at any time

Bar Code / QR Code based Inventory management system saves time, ensures control and is easy for tracking purposes

It comes with an in-built Approval system for the inward and outward movement of materials

Real-time Inventory Data and Accurate Insights

It provides Inventory data on your Admin Portal without having to ask anyone for it

It delivers rich insights and trends of your Inventory for faster decision making

Why Tereo IMS?

A Comprehensive browser based solution that does not require any special IT set-up that checks all the boxes when it comes to Compliance and Audit

Easy to use for

  • Security Guards who receive and send items
  • Inventory / Admin / Ops Teams who approve the entry and exit of Materials
  • And for Management who want to ensure compliance, and need reports for decision making

Can be rolled out across Offices / Plants at No Cost

Solution does not require any Investment – A Pure Pay-per-Use Pricing Model

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How Does Tereo IMS Work?

Tereo IMS comes with a browser based Panel for Security Staff at the point of entry to use to approve the entry and exit of materials authorized to move

Automated alerts via App and Emails are sent to Company’s Approvers to authorize the Requests for Entry / Exit of Materials.

All of the data associated with the Entry / Exit of a Material is captured and stored for the Company Admin to access on-demand.

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Featured Insights

Why digitizing Inventory and Gate Pass processes are critical for mid-small sized Companies.

Mid-small sized Companies usually have tremendous growth potential, but are often held back by business processes that are not efficient and aligned to their growth trajectory.

Paper / Excel based Inventory Management and Gate Pass Management process is one such area that can impact decision making, compliance, and Employee morale.

Inventory and Gate Pass Management Solution

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