TereoTech helps organizations address the challenge of delivering a Contactless Visitor Registration experience while ensuring their Visitor Management process remains secure

Tereo VMS Models include:


Ideal for organizations where the Visitor traffic is low and the Security Guard can complete the Visitor Registration on behalf of the Visitor on a Mobile, Tablet Device or Desktop.


Suited for Offices where the Visitor Traffic is low to moderate and the Visitor or the Security Guard can complete Registration on Tereo App on a Tablet Device.


Powered by Face Recognition and QR Code technologies, and a simple Pre-Registration feature, this solution can help companies address the need to deliver a Contactless Visitor Registration experience.


Ideally suited for Managers of Multi-Tenant facilities (Commercial Buildings, Business / Tech Parks) looking to provide a Contactless Visitor Registration experience, and a Tenant integrated VMS Solution.

Need your VMS to do more ? Add-On Applications make Tereo VMS powerful and help address diverse Corporate Needs:

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Smart Meeting Room Module

Enable your Employees to seamlessly book Meeting Rooms along with their Calendar Invites. Integrates with Outllook and Gmail. (Available as a Stand-alone Solution)

Material Gate Pass Management Module

Have a paper based Gate Pass Management System and want to go Digitial? Simply Add-On Tereo Material Gate Pass Management Module to your Tereo VMS and instantly Digitize your process. (Available as a stand-alone Solution)

Compare and Select the Tereo VMS that is right for your organization