Exchanging of Business Cards with Business contacts has been one of those human interactions that was second nature when attending Business meetings. However, there are drawbacks to these, such as the need to keep the Cards till all the data was moved to a database, the difficulty associated in sharing the Card with others (one would need to take copies or pictures), and the cost associated with them.

But things have changed, and like many aspects of work, Business Cards too have gone Digital. This transition from Paper based Business Cards to Digital Business Cards brings a number of advantages to Users, such as

    • Being able to Create and Share Interactive Personalized Digital Business Cards
    • The ability to share a lot more than just personal information, such as links to the Company’s Social Media channels, or pages of the specific product / service that a Customer is interested in
    • The person sharing the Digital Business Card gets to receive the Recipient’s Contact details such as email / Phone #, which is stored in their Digital Business Card Account.
    • One can collect the Recipients information and append Comments regarding the purpose of the interaction for future Sales / Marketing / Service / Follow-up activities
    • The Recipient of the Digital Business Card can easily add it to their phone Contact list and share the Digital Business Card with others
    • By enabling the Recipient to add the details from the Digital Business Card to their Contact list, the Sender increases the chance of a connect via Social media or a callback from the Recipient
    • Managers of Sales Reps can receive back end data of their Reps Digital Business Card connects and their Contact related Comments. Manager can use this information to proactively provide feedback to the Rep, thus enabling faster feedback for driving sales.
    • Finally, they are environment friendly, eliminate wastage, and cost a fraction when compared to Printing

Digital Business Cards are customizable and can be used across the organization to ensure Brand guidelines are consistent. They are fairly easy to get started with, and deliver incredible benefits to Sales and Marketing Teams with backend data of prospective customers.

TereoTech Solutions is a provider of Digital Business Card solutions and partners with Companies and Businesses to create custom Digital Business Cards for their organizations.