As Companies seek to address market demands and market changes, they need their employees to contribute more efficiently and effectively.

However, this is not easy to achieve if Companies retain paper / excel / touch based processes that take away valuable time of Employees.

While organizations have computerized large parts of their businesses, there remains many time consuming inefficient paper processes that waste Employee’s time and carry multiple friction points when Employees interact with one another related to these processes.

Paper / excel / touch based Processes such as Time & Attendance, Leave Management, Inventory and Gate Pass Management, Visitor Management, Meeting Room Booking, Expense Reimbursement, Courier Management, Cafeteria Management, Team Management, remain inefficient and cause a lot of Employee dissatisfaction.

Employees expect 21st Century Digital solutions in their workplaces, especially as it has become far easier for Employees to compare their workplaces with their friends and peers. In today’s job market, Employees are prepared to vote with their feet if they find that their organization is not adopting workplace digital solutions.

A KPMG survey of HR Executives found that 95% of respondents view Employee Experience as a key focus area, and particularly Digital and Social Experiences.

Digital Solutions directly contribute to Employee satisfaction, improved productivity, and greater Employee retention. Employees feel proud about their Company’s Brand and are motivated to measure up to the Company’s efforts in addressing their needs.

Organizations that do not adapt quickly to this changing work landscape risk losing talent and customers to Competition.

According to, “49% of workers say they’re likely to leave their current job if they are unhappy or frustrated with workplace tech”.

Workplace Digital Solutions are increasingly central to driving positive Employee Experiences, and TereoTech Solutions is determined to support Companies in making that transition a seamless and effective one.