As reported in a Deloitte Insights article titled The Digital Workforce Experience,
“According to one recent study, organizations with the most compelling workforce experiences generated 22 percent higher engagement among their workers than organizations with a less compelling workforce experience. These workers were also four times more likely to stay in their jobs than those at organizations with a less compelling workforce experience.2 What’s more, organizations with the best workforce experiences also enjoyed 12 percent greater customer satisfaction than other organizations, and their three-year revenue growth rate was 2.3 times greater than the average of the whole sample.3”

While Companies have addressed many aspects of the Workforce / Employee Experience, there remain many areas of an Employee’s day-to-day experience with significant scope for Digitalization. With Employee Experience front and center in today’s high-attrition season, Workplace Digital Solutions can offer Companies a channel to redefine the Employee Engagement process.

A Company Branded Mobile App that solves a number of needs of Employees is a great place to start. These Mobile Apps can serve as a center to fulfill activities such as:

  1. Marking Attendance, Accessing Attendance history
  2. Requesting Leaves
  3. Approving Leave Requests of Team members
  4. Booking Meeting Rooms and Space on-demand
  5. Approving entry of Visitors
  6. Approving entry of Materials / Inventory
  7. Sharing Digital Business Cards with prospective Customers
  8. Sending and receiving Couriers through the Company’s Courier service
  9. Submitting Expense Claim request
  10. Approving Expense Claim requests of Team members
  11. Viewing Team’s Attendance details
  12. Viewing Team’s Digital Business Card connects
  13. Post / Share achievements of Team members, product updates, news items to share with Team members
  14. Conduct instant Polls to get Team’s feedback on thoughts / ideas
  15. Book Cafeteria orders, and rate experience
  16. And many more….

At the end of the day, Employee Experience comes down to how Companies can make it simple, easy and mobile for Employees to perform a number of work and work-premise related activities. Many Companies have recognized this urgent need to meet these Employee needs and have commenced their transition process. But for those Companies and Businesses that do not address this urgent need, they will find it harder to retain talent.

TereoTech Solutions is a provider of Workplace Digital Solutions that enhances Employee Experience, and can be customized to address the unique needs of diverse organizations.