Marking Attendance is one of those activities that is important for Employees and the organization they work for. However, in many Companies around the world, this is still done using Biometric Attendance machines, Employee Access Cards, or simply the good old paper register. While these served a purpose at one time, they are certainly not what is recommended for the future.

As Companies reopen and operate in a changed environment, Face Recognition technology based Attendance is the go-to Solution for a number of reasons. Below are the Top Five benefits for Companies and Employees, of using Face Recognition Attendance:

  1. Contactless Attendance – With Face Recognition technology, Companies can give their Employees their own Company Branded Attendance App that Employees can use to mark their attendance from the comfort of their personal mobiles instead of coming to a central location and using the same device others use. With Geo-Location, HR Teams and Managers can get the Attendance location as well
  2. On Premise and On-Field / Remote Attendance – Face Recognition Attendance App enables Companies to give their Employees one solution that can be used in the Office or remotely. HR Teams often struggle with two different Attendance systems for Office workers and On-Field workers. Face Recognition based Solutions can eliminate the time needed to reconcile the two systems and provide HR Teams with just one solution that can be used on an end-to-end basis.
  3. App based Leave Management – Face Recognition technology based Attendance Solutions comes with Leave Management wherein Employees can submit their Leave/Vacation requests via their App and Managers receive instant alerts with information such as Available Leave Balance of the Requestor, and their Vacation history, which allows the Manager to Approve Leave Requests with adequate information. These Solutions eliminate the need for HR Teams to perform manual Leave adjustments during Payroll cycles, thus saving precious time for all.
  4. Integrated Payroll – Face Recognition App based Solutions come with Integrated Payroll that can be customized to the unique needs of different organizations. Be it Fixed wages, or Hourly or a combination, these new age Solutions offer tremendous flexibility and thus enable Companies to be able take something off the shelf, customize and roll out a Brand new Attendance Solution in less than a Day across their Offices.
  5. Employee Satisfaction – Most important of all, is the flexibility and user friendly nature of Face Recognition technology based Attendance solutions. Employees have access to a transparent system with data about their Attendance history on their Devices and with remote / hybrid working models the way ahead, Employees retain their flexibility around marking Attendance from their work locations.

As has been detailed, Face Recognition Attendance Solutions are designed to keep Employees, HR, and Finance Teams happy. These are low-cost easy-to-deploy solutions that bring many other value added features.

TereoTech Solutions is a leading provider of Face Recognition Attendance Solutions and supports Companies with a range of Workplace Digital Solutions that secures their Businesses, Employees and Assets.