As Companies around the world reopen Offices, they are revisiting their Visitor Management Process and are exploring options to redesign how they manage the flow of Visitors into their premises.

Visitor Management systems come in a variety of designs to capture the details of Visitors the first time, and use that information to identify the Visitor during subsequent visits. These were traditionally the Phone #’s of Visitors, but Face Recognition based Visitor Management Systems are the go-to Solutions for organizations.
Face Recognition offers a number of benefits to Admin Teams who are responsible for the Visitor Management process and securing their Company. These include:

  • Ability to provide Visitors with a Contactless / Touch less Registration experience at the Company’s Front Office
  • Ability to provide Visitors the ability to Web Check-in remotely and use that information to Auto-register the Visitor when they arrive at the Company’s premises
  • VMS uses the detail to alert Host Employee’s via email / SMS / App of Visitor’s Arrival
  • Visitor’s Face ID can be used to identify Visitor when they visit other Offices / Branches of the Company
  • Admin Team can more accurately Blacklist a Visitor if required and ensure this is done at a Company wide level
  • Admin Team can also send Emergency Alerts to the Visitors and their Hosts if required
  • And finally, the Check-out process can be done using Face Recognition, thus ensuring end-to-end control over the Visitor Management process

TereoTech Solutions is a provider of Cloud based Face Recognition Visitor Management system that are being used by a number of organizations. For more information, please visit